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Dr. Henrike von Scheliha

Professional career after the DFM

After the DFM, I took my first exam in Cologne and then did a comparative law doctorate under Prof. Dauner-Lieb ("Familiäre Autonomie und autonome Familie - Die Selbstbestimmung bei der rechtlichen Eltern-Kind-Zuordnung im deutsch-französischen Vergleich"). Afterwards, I became a research assistant at the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG) in Karlsruhe.

Connection to the DFM study program

With the DFM study program I associate lively Franco-German friendship, exciting intercultural and international experiences abroad and at home, close exchange and mutual support in difficult times, common challenges and successes, sharing of different perspectives and stimulating discussions.

Influence of the DFM on the professional development

 I completed my doctorate in comparative law and gained exciting people and interesting contacts through my involvement with the DFM Alumni Association.