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The team spirit of active students as well as graduates characterizes our programs. Particularly in the DFM law program, lifelong friendships are often formed through the time spent together in different countries and the close learning communities.


Institutionalized networks exist in both Germany and France - two active student associations and an alumni association. Together, they have made it their task to facilitate the professional, personal and intercultural exchange of current and former students and to support the acquisition of practical experience.

The active students on the Cologne side unite in the "Juristen des deutschen und französischen Rechts e.V.". Students of the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne have founded the "Association des Juristes de Paris 1 et de Cologne" for the same purpose. Both networks also organize events with representatives from the judiciary and business.

The graduates of the Franco-German law programs have joined forces in the "DFM-Alumni e.V.". Among other things, this association coordinates meetings of the graduating classes, organizes events together with the universities and also supports activities with financial contributions. The participating universities actively promote the close cohesion of the DFM alumni.