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The LL.M. Program German - French Business Law at the University of Cologne

The master's program starts each winter semester at the University of Cologne. Within the one-year master's program, students take both compulsory modules in German and French business law. In addition, the elective modules offer the opportunity for specialization. Students can choose a focus in tax law, financial services law, competition law, labor law as well as in public business law. The compulsory modules in German business law are the same as for state examination candidates. The compulsory modules in French business law are held by professors mainly from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne at the University of Cologne. In addition, lectures are also held in part by professors from other French universities. An important part of the LL.M. program is the master's thesis in French. It is closely supervised by professors from both the German and French side. Furthermore, the practical part is of essential importance. An eight-week mandatory internship in a primarily French business law firm provides LL.M. students with important experience in order to seamlessly enter the business world after the master's program with a special professional qualification in legal consulting as well as corporate law.



Study content of the LL.M. German - French Business Law

From the compulsory module P1 German Business Law and P2 French Business Law 4 examinations each have to be passed. From an elective module W1-W5 2 written examinations must be passed. In addition, the compulsory modules P4 and P5 provide for an eight-week internship and a master's thesis including a thesis seminar.

All elective and compulsory modules for the German-French LL.M. program are listed below: